I’m Not A Saint


Fast-rising actress and producer, Opeyemi Oluwaseun Sowunmi, speaks on her new movie   and other issues

What does acting means to you?
To me, it’s a thing of the mind. It’s what I really want to do from childhood. While   I was young, I watched, at least, four movies in a day.  It means make-believe,   trying to be who you are not.

Which actress really triggered your interest into acting?
Shola Shobowale triggered my interest because I love her way of interpreting roles.

How many movies have you featured in?
I’ve starred in over 20.

Do you see yourself going far in acting than movie production?
Well, I see myself going far in both because I have passion for them.

Why did you also delve into production?
For an upcoming actress, you have to use what you have to get roles because that’s   what some of the male movie directors and producers demand before giving you roles.   That’s why I delved into production of my own films because I don’t want to do what   others are doing.

Tell us about your antecedent in the industry?
I went through the rudiments of acting under the tutelage of Don Richard.

So what were the challenges?
Series of challenges, mostly on locations. The star artistes receive special   treatment while the upcoming ones are treated any how.

Have you been sexually harassed in the industry?
No, not at all.

Who are the actors that featured in Owo Tete?
Mercy Aigbe, Eniola Olaniyan, Aina Gold, Don Richard, Nancy Shuaib, Segun Bankole,   Tambolo, Opeyemi Showunmi and Femi Araba, among others.

Who are you dating in the industry?
No, I can’t date anybody in the industry. I’m not a saint, but for reasons best   known  to me, I can’t date a colleague.

How romantic are you?
I’m very romantic.

What part of your body do you cherish so much?
My hips.

Have you featured in any English movie?
No, but I’m looking forward to that very soon. Hopefully, before the first quarter   of next year, I will take my first English movie role.

Have you dated anybody in the industry?
No I’ve not dated anybody.

But we heard a rumour that you dated your boss, Don Richard?
That’s not true. We never dated, what was between us was strictly business.

After Owo Tete, what next?
I will storm location next year for a new movie.

What would you say being an actress has deprived you of?
Nothing. I’m still myself. I can still eat in the buka, buy roasted plantain on the   street and all that.

Where do you see yourself in the next two  years?
I see myself climbing the ladder of success and be on the top.

Apart from film making, what other things do you do?
For now, I do strictly film making, but very soon, I’ll go into buying and selling.

Do you still go for auditions?
No, but if it’s in the English genre, either for soap opera or movie, I will go.

In which of the movies  you have featured did you play most challenging role?
I’m yet to play the most challenging role, but I’m still expecting.

What’s your message to your fans and admirers?
I appreciate all my fans. They should continue praying for me and not hesitate to   criticise me if necessary.

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