I Can’t Shoot A Low Budget Film —Olanibi


London-based entertainment promoter and Chief Executive Officer of Malio   Entertainment, Ademola Olanibi, has said that his mission in the Nigerian movie   industry is to make quality movies that will unveil the rich Yoruba culture and at   the same time, give established foreign film makers a run for their money.

General Merchant, as Olanibi is fondly called, revealed that for many years, he has   studied the Nigerian movie industry and discovered that its major bane is the fact   that film makers are always in a haste while on location.

He, however, blamed this on lack of proper funds or resources needed to make a world   class flick.

The easy-going dude argued that if square pegs are placed in square holes, the sky   will definitely be the starting point for Nigerian movies.

“I have travelled far and wide, but I’m proud to tell you that no country can match   our rich culture in Nigeria. The natural resources like good locations are already   there for us, so it is left to maximise the privilege,” Olanibi noted.

Malio Entertainment recently unveiled three music acts in its stable, but when asked   why the outfit is yet to hit the shelves with a movie, he said “I can’t shoot a low   budget film because it will underrate my status. I learnt that some people shoot  for  as low as N300,000 or there about in Nigeria, but I can tell you that such film   cannot go anywhere internationally. The international market is my target, so I  have  to put things in the right perspectives to achieve that conveniently. All I  want now  is good indigenous script.”

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