OPC Warns Politicians Against Rigging


Political office seekers who think they will get into elective office through rigging in 2011 general election should have a rethink because Odua Peoples Congress, OPC, will frustrate such politicians.

This was the warning of the leader of the group in Lagos State, Chief Tunde Smart Odulesi to those who plan to rig elections next year.

He said the era of rigging have passed, “what is now is one man one vote and there will be no room for rigging.”

Odulesi regretted that the previous elections since the democratic dispensation in1999 have been marked with electoral fraud, adding tht it was because the elective offices knew that they rig themselves in that they are not accountable to us.

He assured that Nigerians are now aware of the importance of credible election so that they can hold anybody elected in any post accountable where such a person refuses to perform, he will be voted out of office.

He said that the OPC will join other monitoring agencies to be at the polling centres where they will ensure that the electorate are not intimidated and harassed and after the voting, they will protect their votes.

—Cyriacus Izuekwe

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