SuperSport Wants Credit For Stories


One of the major players in satellite television in the world, DSTV, owners of  SuperSport yesterday at Planet One, Maryland, Lagos, Nigeria unveiled its online  news site with the Manager of the department, Emeka Enyadike charging media  practitioners to always give the site credit for their stories used.

Enyadike, a veteran journalist, said SuperSport is not out to compete with media  houses in Nigeria, but to complement the effort of the press to develop Nigerian  sports and the rest of Africa.

He said the high standard set by SuperSports in the coverage of the 2010 FIFA World  Cup in South Africa has opened a new chapter in broadcasting on the continent, which  must keep getting better.

The former publisher of Kick-Off Nigeria revealed that the company is committed to  the African sporting dream; hence the desire to continue to promote and expose  African sports to rest of the world.

He disclosed that the site is already operational in eight African countries with  more to come on board early next year. Some of the countries, where SuperSport is  already operating are South Africa, Lesotho, Kenya, Malawi and Nigeria.

—Wale  Joseph

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