Genevieve Joins SMAT Numbers Platform


Enthralled by the introduction of 0700 Non -Toll free and 0800 Toll free SMAT Numbers by Alpha Technologies Limited for business applications, one of the  leading celebrity magazine companies, Genevieve, has joined the SMAT Numbers platform.

Disclosing this at the weekend, Managing Director of Alpha Technologies Limited, Mrs. Maggie Peters said the company has successfully introduced 0700  Non-Toll free and 0800 Toll free services into Nigeria .

She said companies yearning for success should endeavour to have SMAT Numbers like 07000 UBA, 0700 MITSUBISHI, 0700 KITCHEN or 0700 GENERATORS as the case  may be, as it is easier for customers of such companies to find it convenient in remembering such telephone numbers.

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According to Peters companies should rather brand their businesses, products and services with their existing numbers from different networks while using the  0700 Non -Toll free and 0800 Toll free services provided by the company as the best way of ensuring that their telephone numbers remain unforgettable to  customers.

Explaining how to dial 0700 Non toll free and 0800 Toll Free on the phone, she said the subscriber of any existing network would simply press the keypad  reflecting each alphabet that forms the name he or she wishes to spell on the telephone once, adding that the name dialed would be displayed as digits.

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