PDP Chief Rescues Lady From Suspected Kidnappers


A People’s Democratic Party (PDP) governorship aspirant in Lagos State, Mr. Owolabi Salis, recently rescued a lady from three men suspected to be kidnappers.

The Wall Street, New York attorney and financial analyst based in the United States of America, was on his way to attend an event organised for University of  Lagos Senior Staff Association when at a point around Anthony Village, the politician, who was in a convoy of two cars and a backup police escort, saw a lady  being dragged by the men.

The lady, it was said, begged and cried as the three hoodlums dragged her along in the bid to make good of their mission.

“Sighting the scenario, I thought it was either a robbery attack of something sinister. I immediately ordered my men to stop and contront the men, ordering  them to shoot into the air to scare them away,” Salis narrated, adding, “in a commando-like scenario, my men sprang into action and the lady was rescued.”

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The aspirant said the lady was subsequently driven to Jibowu, Yaba, from where she boarded a vehicle to her destination.

The fact that none of the lady’s personal effect like phone or money was taken from her corroborated the probability that she was about to be abducted for  rape or kidnap or both, Salis added.

“She was also later to bear evidence that the men were actually armed, contrary to the impression that they were unarmed. The bandits obviously wer smart  enough to put their arms under cover and had refrained from using them, sensing that they could not match the superior fire power of my men,” noted Salis,  while advising the state police command, patriotic stakeholders and government to mount increasingly concerted effort towards ensuring effective security and  peace in the state, particularly at this crucial time when Yuletide is around the corner.

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