Nigerian Firm To Distribute 100 Million Energy Saving Bulbs


By Oluokun Ayorinde/Abuja

As part of its contribution to the achievement of article 12 of Clean Development Mechanism, CDM of Kyoto Protocol with the two main objectives of  sustainable development and carbon emission reduction, a Nigerian company, Concession Development Company, CDC has launched an initiative to distribute 400  million energy efficient bulbs and fluorescent tubes over the next three years.

About 100 million of the bulbs will be distributed under the CDM programme. The number of the bulbs to be distributed under the CDM programme is the largest  yet, P.M.NEWS gathered.

This will be done under the initiative tagged: ‘Nigeria Clean Energy Access Programme,’ N-CEAP. The company will also distribute 100,000 inverter systems,  including solar based inverter systems at competitive prices with credit facilities available from leading financial institutions.

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“N-CEAP is an initiative designed to reduce power consumption which has the consequence of reducing carbon emissions and other greenhouse gases. The net  effect for the average Nigerian household and corporate organization is an instant reduction in power generation consumption and costs,” said Valentine  Ozieh, managing director of CDC.  He added that the products which will be distributed to consumers at a discounted price will lead to significant reduction  in energy consumption and cost.  There is also the added long term health benefit derivable from reduction in pollution from the noise of generating sets and  exhaust fumes.

“If 100 million conventional bulbs and tubes in Nigeria today were replaced with an equal number of NCEAP energy efficient bulbs and tubes, an estimated  3,640 mw would have been saved. This means the nation would be spending an average of only N50 billion on energy saving bulbs to save over N1.1 trillion in  power generation, transmission and distribution of 3,640mw of electricity,” Ozieh added.

The N-CEAP initiative which was launched at Nigeria’s 1st Renewable Energy Day in Abuja on Monday, has already received the endorsement of the Federal  Ministry of Environment.

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