The Police Again


We have at different times on this page condemned the dastardly activities of  some policemen in this country and called for a total overhaul and  reorientation of the men in uniform towards serving the people. We have in the course of our analysis highlighted the problems facing the police and called  for government intervention.

We want to state here that we will not be tired of writing about the police for as long as the bad eggs in the force continued to sully their image. Where we  need to commend them for a good work, we will not hesitate to do so. Where we need to condemn them also, we will do so.

It is on account of this that we want to condemn again the reported kidnap and rape of a 16-year old girl in Kano State by some randy policemen.

According to the National Human Rights Commission, NHRC, which is investigating the incident, the 16-year old girl was abducted by policemen on night patrol  in Kano and kept in captivity for 28 days during which time she was raped by several men, including, at least, two police officers.

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The girl, according to the NHRC narration, managed to escape from her abductors. To add salt to the injury, when a relative of the abused girl reported the  rape at the Kwali Police Station, the Divisional Police Officer, DPO, reportedly asked the family to “forgive his men and let the matter die.”

What an outrageous statement! The Inspector-General of Police must not only intervene in this matter and bring the culprits to book, the DPO of Kwali  Police Station should also be disciplined for condoning such a reprehensible act. What are policemen turning this country into? A jungle where they can treat  those they are charged to protect with impunity and callousness? Why must innocent girls continue to be defiled by those charged with our security? What is  in the bloodstream of the average policeman that will make him misbehave or take the law into his hands.

It gives us a lot of concern that we continue to read this kind of report everyday in our papers and nothing is done by those in authority to redress them.
Is it not time that Nigerians themselves devise a way to hold police authorities acountable over these atrocities being committed by some bad eggs in the  force?

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