Gambler FC Will Shake Lagos In 2011


When did you establish Gamble FC?
I established the club three months ago. Presently, I have 22 players in the club and I am happy that the players are doing well in training.

You were a member of the Christ Miracles Church Mission CMCM football team that placed second two years ago in Boska Cup, why did you leave the church?
I did not leave the church. I am still the team manager of the Church’s football team. Don’t forget that Gambler United is also a part of the church because  most of the players that play for the Church are still in Gambler FC.

What was the reaction of the General Overseer of CMCM, Prophet Abiola Adebisi, when you told him about the Gambler FC?
He was happy and encourage me. My experience in CMCM as a team manger motivated me to establish a new club that will  complement the Church team in future  football competitions

What are your expectations for the club in year 2011?
My expectations for the club is to win Boska Cup and reach the semi final of Lagos State Challenge Cup.I plan to take the team to Togo and Benin Republic for  grade A friendly matches.

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Don’t you think it will be hard for your team to win Boska Cup and reach the semi final of Lagos FA Cup?
It won’t be hard for me to win the Boska Cup because I took CMCM Church to the final two years ago. I have experienced players who can give their opponents a  run for their money in the Lagos FA Cup.

Is there any team that you think will give the Gambler FC tough time in next year’s Lagos FA Cup?
First Bank and Union Bank are very good sides. My players need to double their effort if we meet them in the knock out stage, but there is nothing that is  not possible. Don’t forget, they are beatable too.

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