ACN: PDP Not Sellable


Chief Funsho Ologunde, the Assistant Publicity Secretary of the Lagos State Action Congress of Nigeria, ACN, has described the resignation of the former  Minister of Information from the People’s Democratic Party, PDP, to contest for Senatorial seat on the platform of the All Progressive Grand Alliance, APGA,  as an indication that the PDP is not a sellable party anywhere in Nigeria.

Ologunde, who spoke with Political Platform in his office, added that the fact that she prefers to contest on the platform of APGA exposes to all Nigerians  the type of party that the PDP is and perceived to be even by leaders including ministers within the PDP family.

“The resignation of Prof. Dora Akunyili from the PDP to APGA to contest for a senatorial seat in Anambra State is informative. It also revealed that when she  needed the ministerial appointment, the PDP was a good platform for her but when she wants to contest for the Senate ticket, APGA is better.

“The fact that she now prefers to contest for the senatorial position on the platform of APGA exposes to all Nigerians the type of party the PDP is,” he  said.

The ACN scribe said that if Akunyili believes that the PDP is the party Nigerians deserve and the party that can move the country forward, she ought to have  contested for the senatorial ticket on the platform of the party.

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“The fact that she doesn’t have confidence in the party is an indication that she doesn’t believe she can win an election on the platform of the PDP. So,  preferring APGA to contest clearly underlines not just her perception but her inner self which definitely is a reflection of what a lot of leaders within the  PDP family believe and uphold.

“I think Nigerians should see this resignation of Akunyili from her ministerial position to contest for a senate seat on the platform of APGA in the real  perspective, that anything that is PDP should be abhorred and resented by all Nigerians.

“Her action, her decisions are nothing but a vote of no confidence of what the PDP represents. I call on Nigerians to look at it objectively and reject the  PDP anywhere in the next election. This country deserves leadership and government by a party whose leading members also believe in its ability hundred per  cent,” he stated.

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