By Kazeem Ugbodaga

The Lagos State Action Congress of Nigeria, ACN has lashed out at those who have been criticising the performance of Governor Babatunde Fashola of Lagos State, South West Nigeria.

The party particularly slammed former impeached Deputy Governor of Lagos, Otunba Femi Pedro, Mr. Ademola Seriki, a Peoples Democratic Party, PDP stalwart; Mr. Debo Adeniran, founder Coalition Against Corrupt Leaders, CACOL and the  People Action for Democracy, PAD, calling them pretenders,

Publicity Secretary of the party, Mr. Joe Igbokwe, in a statement called on Lagosians to speak out for Fashola now in the face of several criticisms from political pretenders.

“I am not unmindful of the fact once again that we are in a democracy and therefore people are entitled to their own opinion in a market place of ideas. Granted that democracy guarantees free speech and choices, nobody has the right to stop anybody from exercising his or her fundamental human rights, but when few cheap politicians and pretenders who call themselves human rights activists begin to tell lies to be in the news, good Lagosians who are not politicians must speak out.

“If these arrogant loud mouths and chronic liars continue to deceive the world that they cannot see any development in Lagos, I think it is our duty to point out these developments to them. This is why I am making this passionate appeal.

“This is why I am pleading with well to do Lagosians and Nigerians not to allow these wicked people to run away unchallenged. I see that there is a calculated attempt to diminish Governor Fashola’s monumental achievements in Lagos so that they can fit in,” ACN said.

According to the party, “these clowns know that Fashola is thousands of miles away from them and the only way they can be relevant is to find anything that they will use to rubbish his towering image and consequently bring him to their level.

“It is not that they cannot see the development or feel it but it is either they are simply being mischievous or they cannot get it. They change facts to fit their useless positions instead of changing positions to fit facts.

“Now that the whole situation is looking like a gang up, we need to box these people into a corner. We need to daze them with facts and figures. We need to show them Fashola’s legacies now. Please stand up and defend development in Lagos. If they say that there is no development in Lagos, what can you say about the national leadership in Abuja?”

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