Kazeem Ugbodaga

The Lagos State Government has raised alarm over the large number of fake number plates in circulation in Lagos, South West Nigeria and warned the public against using such plates.

The government said plate number syndicates were now on the prowl looking for unsuspecting Lagosians to swindle, saying that security agents had been alerted to arrest motorists with fake number plates.

Commissioner for Transportation, Professor Bamidele Badejo said it is important to inform unsuspecting members of the public of the existence of these syndicates producing fake fancy and out of series number plates and avoid falling prey to them.

According to him, genuine fancy and standard number plates could only be obtained at the Motor Vehicle Administration Agency’s Licensing Offices spread the state.

Badejo stated that anyone desirous of fancy or special number plate should apply to the Special Number Plate Unit of Motor Vehicle Administration Agency, MVAA located at the Old Secretariat, Ikeja.

The commissioner stated that the government was not averse to any individual using name or title as vehicle identification mark but declared that such identification mark should be produced and registered by appropriate agencies.

Badejo warned individuals using unregistered fancy number plates to remove them and properly register their vehicles, adding that such vehicles were security threat, as they were not traceable, if involved in any crime or contravene traffic regulations.

“The appropriate security agencies have been put on the alert to check all vehicles carrying fancy and out of series number plates with a view to arresting fake ones.

“Those whose number plates are not visible or defaced should apply for replacement of such number plates at the MVAA. It is an offence for anyone to rewrite number plate on wooden or any metal material apart from the standard number plate that are only obtainable from the MVAA,” he stated.

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