Lagos ACN, The Goliath Of My Time


Lagos Governorship candidate of the Mega Progressive People’s Party, MPPP, Pastor Daniel Abiodun  Tawade likens the ACN in Lagos as the Goliath of his time. He speaks with Henry Ojelu on how he would  upstage the ACN in the forthcoming election.

Who really is Pastor Daniel Tawede Abiodun?
Well, I am a minister of God in the Redeemed Christian Church of God. I am the head of the counselling  department for Lagos Province 10. I am also one the provincial church growth official of the mission.  I started as a worker in the mission. I was later ordained as a deacon. Some years later, I was  ordained as an assistant pastor and four years ago, I was ordained as a full pastor in the mission.  Since then, I have been a parish and provincial pastor.

Which state are you from?
I am from Oyo State. I was born in Ibadan but my parents migrated from Ogun State.

At what point in time did you decide to join politics?
Even before becoming a pastor, I have been in politics. I have been in politics for over 25 years. I  was a member of the UPN and many other political parties. I was part of the PPA until recently when  the internal wrangling in the party made me to join this new party.

Has the leadership of your church endorsed you for this office you are running for?
As a matter of fact, up till now, I have not spoken to anyone about this. When the appropriate time  comes, I will make it official.

What political experience would you say you are bringing into the current political scene?
I have  always been at the grassroots. During the UPN era, I was the vice chairman of Constituents 28  and 29 in Shomolu. In PPA, I was the state publicity secretary. I was the party chairman of NRC. I was  the state chairman of PPA about four years ago. Yes, I have been in politics for quite a while now,  but I must tell you that it is not just about me alone but about what experience my party is bringing  to the political scene. Take the example of Governor Babatunde Fashola. He had never held any other  political office aside from being Chief of Staff but because of the party he belonged to had a good  vision, he rode on that vision.

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Politics is a dirty game, how have you been combining your faith and the intrigues of politics?
Going into politics has not in any way affected my faith. I hold on to my faith at all times.

What is your party’s agenda for Lagos State?
My party’s agenda for the people of Lagos State is good governance, rule of law and equity. We want to  reform the system. We want to improve on social services. Our party believes in free education for  both indigenes and non indigenes and we want to implement it in Lagos State. From the resources  available in Lagos State, there is no reason why education should not be free.

ACN is a party to beat in Lagos State.  Do you think that your party has the capacity to beat them in  the coming elections?
I won’t want to go into details now but I must remind you that this is the first time a Redeemed  Pastor is going into this kind of race. I know the number of my members here in Lagos. I regard ACN  and PDP as the Goliath of my time. They believe in their power but I believe in my God. I can assure  you that with God on my side and the people of Lagos State on my side, Goliath will once again fall to  David. Again I must tell you that if it is just by power, I may not be able to defeat ACN and PDP. My  case will definitely be like that of Daniel and Joshua who succeeded through divine intervention  against all odds.

ACN has made significant impact in delivering the dividends of democracy to the people of Lagos State.  How do you think you will surpass this achievement if you win?
All that Fashola has done was to improve on the performance of Tinubu. He may have done well but I  will do better.

How would you assess the ongoing voter registration?
We are just impatient. This is the first time we are using this kind of machine, so we should expect  some hitch here and there. People should let the process run and then make their judgement thereafter.  People should just give INEC a chance.