Maltina Site Record Millions Of Hits With Happy Moments


Following its resolve to ensure that Nigerians relive happy moments in their lives after unveiling its new look and pay-off line “Sharing happiness” The Maltina website which was dedicated specifically for that use has recorded close to two million visits.

The site was opened about a week ago.

Modalities for participation, according to Mrs. Ngozi Nkwoji, senior brand manager, Maltina is quite simple and straight forward.

“All a consumer need to do is to take a snap shot of themselves, family members and friends while they are sharing happy moments. The photos can range from graduation, birthday party, beach outing etc. They are to upload such photos on the Maltina site, give a brief description and submit. A confirmation mail will then be sent to acknowledge receipt.”

Nkwoji stressed that the best “Happy Moments” will be selected and the owners will be contacted through phone call where they will have the opportunity of connecting with Nigerian celebrities in the spirit of sharing happiness. This move is in line with the brand’s resolve to further strengthen its leadership position in the Nigerian malt drinks market.

The new look and pay-off line are both part of a brand proposition rejuvenation process designed to ensure Maltina remains connected to the sophisticated and savvy 21st century Nigerian consumers.

Speaking on the rationale for the new look and new pay-off, Mr. Jacco van der Linden, Marketing Director, Nigerian Breweries Plc. said that, the Maltina brand has been leading the malt drinks market for the past 35 years by being close to the hearts of many Nigerian consumers.

He added that, to remain the number one malt drink in the market Maltina is now bringing a refreshed brand proposition to the market for Nigerians to share their happy moments with their loved ones and with the brand.

“The initiative stems from our desire to continuously offer the Nigerian consumer the highest possible value for money. The brand should always remain appealing and aspirational to consumers and should always remain in the lead versus competitor offerings. That is why we have chosen to premiumnize and refresh the brand’s identity. We are confident that it will further carry on the positive image of Maltina as the number one nourishing malt drink and as the brand that inspires sharing happy moments with loved ones.” van der Linden added.

He stressed that the new look Maltina remains the same in composition and taste and can be enjoyed as before. “Only now, it carries a modern new label that will better help it standout amongst other malts and give Maltina even more appeal.”

Also speaking on the new proposition, Mrs. Ngozi Nkwoji, said the design elements of the refreshed brand uses a number of interesting colours, all with great significance in Maltina’s new identity; Classic white for purity, Black for boldness and rich content, warm red for energy and vitality, orange for vibrancy, yellow for happiness and gold as a promise of high quality.

Nkwoji stated that “the cool new look and new pay-off line contribute to the brand being perceived as the number one malt drink, best known for its superior nourishment and for ‘sharing happiness’.

“In addition to the Maltina bottle, the Maltina ‘Can’ will also carry the vibrant new look. The Maltina bottle and ‘Can’ will continue to share nourishment as well as happiness with everyone, everywhere.

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