Agoro Blasts Jonathan, PDP Governors, Calls Them Criminals, Jackals


Presidential aspirant on the platform of the National Action Council (NAC) in the 2007 general elections, Reverend Olapade Agoro, has called all those elected on the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), including and all the governors criminals and jackals.

Agoro who could not hold back his annoyance following the statement credited to President Jonathan that the South Western part of the country was ruled by rascals, further likened the PDP to darkness under which, he said, the country cannot thrive.

He said the President was power drunk and was very desperate to retain the power.

He also accused the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) of dancing to the tune of the PDP and expressed pessimism over the conduct of the forthcoming elections in the country.

“You should ask yourself if anything can come out of the party. Darkness will always produce darkness.

“PDP has never done anything good in Nigeria. They are a bunch of jackals and since they are not known to have done anything good in the past, how can they conduct a free and fair election?

“The PDP governors and the President are criminals in power. Show me one single person who you can describe as honest in the party and I will bow my head.

“He (Jonathan) has approved the importation of tooth-picks and tokunbo vehicles at the expense of our dying motor industry.

“Let him explain to the people what happened to the $20 billion saved in the excess crude account which has been reduced to $450 million just within his seven months in office with nothing to show for it

“How do you explain David Mark receiving N88 million every month while the lawmakers are denying the workers N18, 000? Each member of the National Assembly gets N500 million as constituency allowance. Where is it?” Agoro asked.

He also maintained that President Jonathan came into power by fraudulent means and asked him to tell the world why he absolved the Movement for the Emancipation of Niger Delta (MEND) of the 1 October 2010 bomb blast if he did not have affiliation with the group.

Reverend Agoro also accused the PDP of not practising true democracy which he described as the practice of the rule of law.

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According to him, the party was moving towards the break-up of the country.

“See Governor (Sullivan) Chime of Enugu State; they gave him the flag today and the next day he was removed from the INEC list.

“Akala spent millions of naira welcoming the President and few minutes after, they told him “thank you very much, we have had enough of you” by removing him from the list. Now the Governor is thrown into confusion and that is what I am saying that you cannot dine with evil.

“Look at what happened in Ogun State where Daniel presented his own list and Obasanjo presented his own. One minute, they said it was Daniel, the other minute, they said it was Obasanjo. I hope they won’t set Nigeria on fire from Ogun.

“Let the man who is midwifing the crisis in Ivory Coast first midwife the one in Jos, let him midwife peace in Bayelsa. Without armoured tank, he cannot walk freely on the streets of Yenaegoa. Why did he legalise the importation of cassava to Nigeria?

“We are in crisis in this nation and they are moving towards bringing Nigeria down. I hope Jonathan will not be the last President we will have in Nigeria,” he said.

Taking a swipe at INEC over the registration exercise, Agoro, who said he was not interested in contesting for the presidency this period, said that the amount made available to the electoral body was the highest to be given to such body in the world.

He further asked what happened to the machines bought for N53 billion and used by the former Chairman of INEC, Maurice Iwu.

Hear Agoro: “INEC is also shifting the goal post every time just to suit the PDP and that in itself becomes challengeable in law. How do you expect Jonathan who is so desperate for power to conduct free and fair election?

“Why would Jega import laptops of very low quality with printers that would cost N2, 500 each? We are ruining the future of our children.”

“We should go out en-masse and tell them we have had enough. The wind of change that is blowing through Egypt will soon get here and after that we will then have a true Nigeria.”

—Eromosele Ebhomele

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