Police Beat Up Man-O-War


A Man O War officer has been beaten up by police officers at the Divisional Police Headquarters,  Sagamu Road, Ikorodu area of Lagos State, South West Nigeria .

The officer, a Commander in Man O War, Mr. Sunday Afuwape, 49, who resides at 1, Benson Street,  Ikorodu said he was beaten up by the police when one of his tenants lured him to the police station  were he allegedly arranged with the police to beat him up.

He has petitioned the Office of the Public Defender, OPD to take action on the matter.

In the petition to the OPD, Afuwape explained that “my immediate younger brother, Timothy Kuye owns a  room at Benson Street, which he rented out to Ahmed, a motorcycle rider, but because of his tenant’s  character, my brother asked him to vacate the room.

“Some of the problems include his (Ahmed’s) coming back home late between 12.00 midnight and 1.00  a.m., which had persisted. He finally decided to move out of the room.

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“He told us to follow him to see one of his brothers but instead, we were led to the police station  where we were beaten by the police. As we were trying to explain what happened, two policemen started  maltreating us. I was slapped by an officer called Bakai.”

“At the police station, we met two policemen, officer Ojo and officer Bakai who started scolding us.  Despite identifying ourselves, they refused to listen to our side of the matter,” he added.

Afuwape said he was detained after he had been thoroughly beaten up and an injury had been inflicted  on his head, adding that he wanted justice at all costs because he was maltreated as a Man O War  officer.

The OPD on getting the petition wrote the police station inviting the indicted officers for a meeting  at its headquarters but they did not show up. Several attempts to get them to report at the OPD’s  office has failed.

—Kazeem Ugbodaga