5 Pregnant Nigerians Die In Libya Cell


Five pregnant Nigerians have so far been confirmed dead in Libyan detention after suffering miscarriage.

This happened just weeks after seven Nigerians were declared dead.

learnt that apart from the pregnant women who were said to have encountered complications resulting from the conditions they encountered in detention, five other Nigerians are currently having mental challenges due to the emotional torture they experienced over the years in detention.

According to the Destiny Makers Community Christian Campaigns and Action Network (DCCCAN) headed by Adams Makinwa, in a save-our-soul letter to Nigerian government, “just last week, report reached us of the gruesome death of five pregnant Nigerian girls that have suffered from miscarriage while in detention.

“This continuous incarceration has also led to insanity of another five who are presently in detention.”
The group, which made a copy of the letter available to P.M.NEWS said the Libyan government used deportation camps in Torisha and Saba for immigration offences against Nigerians.

This was the place seven Nigerians were confirmed dead earlier this year despite the fact that Nigeria has an embassy in the country according Makinwa.

“The Libya government has held these Nigerians under an open roof facility exposing them to cold weather without blanket and also depriving them of medical attention.

“We want to state that the $800 being demanded by the Libyan government from these incarcerated Nigerians to facilitate their release from detention is preposterous and nefarious, as they did not go into detention with money,” the group said.

It added that the collection of the money does not even guarantee the smooth repatriation of the detained Nigerians as five other people recently died from accident while being repatriated to Nigeria through the desert.

“We believe that this ugly situation is becoming far too much, especially for a country like Libya that claims to be promoting African unity.

“What does the Libyan government benefit from the continuous detention of these Nigerians and watching them die without conviction?

“We demand an urgent medical attention for all detainees in various detention camps, and an immediate release of these Nigerians and other nationals currently being incarcerated by the Libyan government,” the group said.

—Eromosele Ebhomele