Cult Clash: Students Flee UNILAG Hostels


Following the bloody cult clash that claimed the lives of two students at the University of Lagos (UNILAG), Akoka on Saint Valentine’s Day, many students of the school have fled their hostels. The students fear there could be reprisal attacks from the warring cult groups, Black Axe and Buccaneers.

When P.M NEWS visited the institution yesterday, there were few students in the hostels, and even those around could not move freely on the campus.

Ever bubbling hostels like Makama, Madam Tinubu, Moremi and Mariere among others were deserted as few students were seen around.

Some of the students who spoke with our reporter expressed their shock at the incident which claimed the lives of two persons suspected to be members of rival cult groups.

They argued that the attack came at a time when they thought the institution has been weaned off cult activities.

The students, however, called on the government, school authorities and other concerned agencies to curb further activities of the cultists.

Student who identified himself as Kunle told P.M NEWS that since the incident occurred on Monday, there has been tension among the students and other staff of the institution.

“Everybody knows that when these guys (cultists) clash, it is always followed by other reprisal attacks. And you know that where two elephants fight, it is the grass there that will suffer. That is why everybody is trying to be extremely careful now. Those that don’t have the mind to remain in their hostels have left for the time being. But we hope normalcy will return soon,” said Kunle.

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Security has been beefed up at the institution, as some mobile policemen were spotted at the main gate of the school. P.M.NEWS investigation further revealed that other security agents in mufti have also been deployed to strategic points on the campus.

A senior lecturer in the institution who spoke under anonymity, hinted that the school authorities have set up a panel that is currently investigating the matter.

According to him, “if at the end of the whole thing, any student is caught in connection with any cult activity, either the one that happened on Monday or not, will be shown the exit doors.”

On Monday during the Saint Valentine’s Day celebration, there was stampede at UNILAG as members of two cult groups, Black Axe and Buccaneer clashed, leaving two persons dead and others injured. It was gathered that the rival cult groups were fighting over a lady who was snatched by the Capone of the Black Axe.

The Capone was said to have snatched the girlfriend of a Buccaneer member at a bash held somewhere around Abule-Oja, outside the campus. And in a bid to fight back, the aggrieved Buccaneer members trailed some of the Black Axe members to UNILAG where they opened fire on them.

A source in the school said: “there is no way the Black Axe members won’t revenge. It could take months or years as the case may be. But one thing that is certain is that they won’t allow the case to  die just like that.”

—Bayo Adetu