Hope For The Aged In Lagos


Taking care of senior citizens is the responsibility of governments in developed worlds. However, same could not be said of Nigeria, where the aged ones are left to the vagaries of nature.

But in what appears to be a paradigm shift from the ‘norm’, the Lagos State government under the leadership of Babatunde Fashola has continued to demonstrate adequate care and concern for the welfare of senior citizens in the state.

Not only has the administration succeeded in providing a befitting accommodation for the aged, it ensures that their needs at the homes are adequately met.

This has further underscored the determination of the government towards making life easy and better for its citizenry.

In fact the idea of a ‘home for the aged’ in Lagos State has been the first of its kind in the country, if not the only one in existence.

Just recently, the Lagos State Government relocated the aged people to a new, expansive home that gives them more room to enjoy life to the fullest.

Before the latest gesture, they resided in the Old People’s Home in the Yaba area of the city. Although the Home was established with the best of intentions, and the state government has been catering for them, it has been in need of expansion to accommodate the growing number of its occupants.

To show their level of excitement over the state government’s kind gesture, the senior citizens could not hide their joy as they poured encomiums on their benefactor.

They danced excitedly to the music of Evangelist Ebenezer Obey, to entertain the guests at the occasion.

Seventy-six-year-old Chief Olurokpo Oluyeba, who commented on the development, said the goodwill of the government was highly appreciated as it gave the elderly people something to cheer.

The governor, who was represented at the event by his deputy Princess Sarah Sosan, said the government is currently working on a proposal to establish a day-care centre for the aged in the society.

“In this centre family members who do not want their parents to live in the homes can bring them during the day and take them home at the close of work, just like the day-care centres for children.”

She said the government has provided free medical health care and ensured prompt payment of pensions so as to improve their welfare and improve their lives.

The governor’s wife Dame Abimbola Fashola urged the senior citizens to make adequate use of the facilities provided.

“We love to take care of you and we love to see you dance because we believe that when we get to your age the younger ones will take care of us,” she said.

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