The Dark Side Of Power


You cannot solve a problem that you do not know or understand. You cannot avoid a problem without knowing what it is.

Dark Side of Power:
The negative force unadulterated operating in its fury and brazen energies hold sway in the physical world. The capital of the Dark Side of Power is the moon (lunar power). We have the moon or night people. Their symbols include snake, cat, owl and the bat (blood sucking spirit(. The eagle is the most advanced symbol for the night people.
Goat of Mendes is the custodian of witchcraft power. It resides in each coven. Men are referred to as wizard, women are called witches. There are also children who are being trained in the use of witchcraft power. The training takes several and they graduate from stage to stage. They get promoted before moving from stage to stage.
There are three types of Witches: white, black and red. The white witches use positive energies and are inventors and creators. The black witches use negative energies and are destructive in nature. The red witches are intermediaries, helpers, healers and co-travellers and are teachers in covens.

Recruitment in Witchcraft
It is carried out through various means,, which include recruitment at birth, through sexual intercourse, consumption of contaminated food, native food, drinks and fried akara at road junction. Fried yam and plantain are not suitable for initiating people. Kolanut can also be used for recruitment. Only spirits residing in bodies on earth can be members. Essentially, contaminated substances are in rituals for transmitting witchcraft spirits to new members.

Operation of Witchcraft
The main tool for their operation is astral projection. A bird from the coven draws out the members on a daily basis. It flies from the West to the East picking members to the meeting location and from the East to West to return them from the meeting. Their meeting starts at 12.30am and ends at 3.30am. The bird movement is done between 10pm and 12 midnight. The children are moved in earlier than the adults. The bird movement relies on the magnetic pull of the earth to achieve its purpose.

Organization of the Dark Force
At any meeting, all the men are organized on one side, women are arranged on another side and children are seated on a third side. They are taught daily like a school and they progress from stage to stage. Black wizards and witches progress as their evil deeds increase while the progress of those in the white group depends on the new things they invented and manifested on earth.

Unconscious and conscious members
Members are of two classes: unconscious and conscious members. The unconscious ones are neophytes that are still at the learning stage. The conscious ones are those that have graduated and are now aware, awake and alive to their deed and are deliberate in all their actions.

Nature of Witchcraft Power
(a)    The broom is part of the silver cord close to the solar plexus. This is used for movement and instant projection.
(b)    Spells/spin cobwebs: Spells are sent and only affect those whose acceptance level is in tune with the spell. The cobwebs they spin are meant to delay the victim’s progress and keep him stagnant in life. The victim will never grow and, out of frustration, may commit suicide.
(c)    Tearing down the walls of protection of their victims by using members to engage the targets in sexual activities to reduce and remove the natural protection around the victim so that the spells can penetrate into him.
(d)    Reducing your survival level to zero through sickness and disaster. The do this to be able to attack their victims.
(e)    Blocking your view of their faces. They have a woven like fan given to them from coven and when they use it over their faces, the faces become blurred and cannot be seen by their victim. They use this if they know that the victim knows them and is alive in the other world.
(f)    Suppressing the victim through freezing. When they know that their victim can utter words that will affect them, they freeze them with a wand, which makes the victim’s word inaudible and ineffective.

Mother Witch-Iya Aje
This is the highest level woman can attain in the coven. A mother witch which has 102 witches under her. Her symbol is that of a white eff. She has nine lives and, on the physical plane, her symbol is black spotless cat. No mother witch is allowed to have a husband and if she does the husband must die in accordance to her custom and creed.
The entrapment of One’s Double in the Kingdom of the Witches
Everyone that has a link with the earth, fire water and air worlds has double that lives permanently in those worlds. The life of that double is linked with the life of the physical machine here. Once that double is terminated in the other world, that is unplugged the physical machine must die. Most imes, when one’s double is entrapped in the other world by witches, the double is turned into a goat and when that happens, the fate of that individual is determined by the witches and when they want, the physical body to die, the goat is slaughtered.

Ways of Getting Release from Captivity
When one’s double is entrapped by the negative force, only an anointed being, a prophet of God can release the person from captivity.

Ways of Identifying a Witch/Wizard
(a)    Mark on their forehead
(b)    They leave their body through the back of the head at the same level of the third eye for the advanced ones.
(c)    Neophytes leave through solar plexus
(d)    Steady look at their spiritual eye and the look away.

Meeting Places of Witches
Almost any open or enclosed space can be used as meeting location. Their usual spots include parked cars, trees, road junctions Especially T-junctions, transformers, village squares, town halls, individuals houses and sitting rooms (for this to happen, either the husband or wife must be members to create the right energy conducive for their members to meet).

Antidotes Against Witches
(i)    Herbal leaf that emits vibration that disturbs them.
(ii)    Writing the number 888 on the wall and the entrance door of your house.
(iii)    Postulates
(iv)    Mirror technique
(v)    Using the light: globe of white light
(vi)    Activating the messengers and helpers assigned to you
(vii)    Hum song and contemplation (prayers)
(viii)    Avoid them if you know them
(ix)    Physically lock your door when you sleep
(x)    Draw a line of energy around your house where you live
(xi)    Learn to see and hear spiritually to know about a problem before it occurs. When they meet about you, you can know what why discussed and neutralize their action before they start.
(xii)    Be alive in the other world and have a line of communication with your double.

Ways of Removing the witchcraft spirit form an individual
(a)    Deliverance: Its effective depends on who is doing the deliverance and his/her sources of power.
(b)    Raising your vibration to that level that burns off the witchcraft energy.
(c)    Expelling the witchcraft spirit by using anointed olive oil, alligator pepper and salt:

·Sing the Hum song for one hour;
·Recite “I am one with All That Is” for thirty minutes; and
·Drink the combined olive oil, alligator pepper and salt and use the olive oil to bath (mix the olive oil with pure white sand from the ocean).
This entire exercise is done  when you are stark naked, the moon is full and is between 12.30am and 2.30am.

Division of Labour in Witchcraft Attacks
Participants in an attack are divided into three groups: suppressors, attackers and bloodsuckers. The members of each group are:
a. Suppressors: cat family
b. Attackers: the objective is to force the victim into submission and the operations are snakes, vipers and the like.
c.Bloodsuckers: bats and vampires.
Attacks are organized in this order:
= Suppressors             Attackers        Sucking of blood
Wide network
They have extensive, broad and far-reaching network to reach almost any target. Their meeting are graduated as follows: from local (using family house or under a tree as location) to clan (T-junction of roads) to cluster (local government areas) and organ (state). International meetings take place every 28th day of each month. Their operations and activities take on added intensity during the ember months (from August 20th to September and all the way to December). During this period, they set up death energies and release blood sucking spirits.

The highest Concentration of Witches/Wizards
One of the oldest religious organizations in the world has the highest number of witches and wizards. It is their safe haven because the energy held there is very weak. The religious officiators are usually wizards and are recruited to pass on the witchcraft spirit through their communion, which is called, in their parlance “Communion with Beat of the Dark Forces”.
There is perpetual conflict between  the witches and the water people, and when they fight, the water people align with the fire people to win the war.
The witches fear fire and anything that is close to fire. Their worst enemies are the fire people and the light carriers.
Women constitute 7-% of those that are involved in witchcraft. They are everywhere, including the markets and religious groups.

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