Nigerians To Earn Revenue From Football, Facebook


Thousands of Nigerians can now earn massive income deploying a powerful social network advertising concept created by TradeSwitch Limited, and for supporting their favourite European clubside via the internet and mobile phone, courtesy of Microgames.

While Tradeswitch is a business technology company and techno-marketing partner for Microgames, Microgames is a web media company and Nigeria’s leading developer of video games for mobile phones and online entertainment.

They are the operators of Nairagames Internet Tournament portal, a gaming website that allows people to catch fun and earn cash for playing games. The launching of portal which is heightened by a newly released virtual version of the European champions league dedicated to Nigerians football loving fans, is an 8-club monthly based penalty champions league titled “Play For Your Club”.

Related News creates valuable meaning in the lives of masses by extending the passion for their favourite European teams to a 10-minute football fun game for relaxation and financial benefits. Everyone can participate to catch fun and make easy money in variety of ways.

CEO of the company, Mr. Goodluck Nyong, said: “All you do is use your Facebook, Yahoo messenger and Phonebook the way we tell you. Its instant ripple effect is so powerful that you can even earn up to N100,000 in 24 hours if you act fast. We are blazing a new beginning with football and internet gaming.