Advice To Nigerian Ladies


My advice to Nigerian ladies is to always remember that one day they’ll get married. You see, most of these women, during their youth, never thought they’ll get married. They move around with all kinds of men, mostly married men, just for money. During this time the man who should have married you, who was a young man like you, sees you with sugar daddies everywhere.

Automatically it sends a wrong signal to this young guys. All because the girls are looking for money or one position or the other. After you have expired in the hands of old men, you begin to find men far younger than you. Secondly, when we look at the number of ladies in prostitution these days, it makes our men get scared. Some attribute it to poverty. Lie, if you can go into prostitution as a lady because of poverty, then it means you can go into armed robbery if you’re a man because of same poverty.

They’re many other ways we can excel, getting to the top is a gradual process not an automatic and immediate thing. And after seeing the number of these girls who indulge in prostitution, we begin to wonder, some of these girls even work, some are bankers, students, business women, some even work in companies, but when you go to the night clubs you see these ladies, parading and looking for men to have sex with in exchange for money.

People who, during the day you’ll never believe, are into such act. Some don’t go to clubs but are worse than prostitutes in the streets, with several sex partners, and are readily available when you come across them anytime.

This is very bad, and this contributes to the fear we the men have. We’re afraid not to make a mistake by marrying women who will  maek us regret. No man wants to marry a prostitute for fear of what will happen in their matrimonial home. Also, some of these women’s character is nothing to write home about. Some girls can’t even cook; they don’t know how to tidy up the home where they live.

They behave in very terrible ways: nagging, quarrelling, fighting and disrespect to men they come across are some of their character flaws. No man will want to marry that kind of lady. They say a woman can hide her character for years until she gets a husband. But when you see a girl who you haven’t gone to the altar with exhibiting such a bad character, it’s a very clear sign for you to run away.

Most men die in silence in their homes due to high blood pressure, because they married a bad wife. Nobody wants to get married to a woman he’ll later regret getting married to. And nobody wants to get married and die young. Some married men don’t go back home early after work for fear of their wives. They end up in beer palours until late in the night before they go home to sleep and wake up early the next morning to leave the house again.

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I believe women need counselling, in their churches or religious places, and when they are still young by their parents, so that their future will be okay. The joy of every man is to get married to a wonderful, loving, caring and well behaved wife. Every man on earth wants that, but 85% of men out there are scared. Because the mentality of women out there are despicable. Today we see women having numerous boyfriends and bragging about it to their mates. Do you think those men are fools? They know, but they won’t tell you, they just want sex and that’s all.

Every man likes sex, but that’s not a guarantee that they’ll marry you. That’s why married men look for young girls to sleep with, not because their wives are not there, but because young girls out there nowadays do wonders in bed.

Another thing which women really need to know is that guys are very tricky. Don’t be tricked to rush into bed with a guy because you want to get married. Try to know this guy and know if you can really marry him. You might rush into a marriage because you want to get married, after some years you begin to regret and find out you don’t love him. This is because you didn’t bother to look before you leaped. You ran into a wrong bus going in a different direction. My advice to you girls out there is, look before you get married to any guy, even before you start dating.

Don’t be carried away by material things such as money, houses and cars. All these things come when there’s joy, love and happiness in a home. Some people even have money but don’t have a happy home.

We are Africans, we should stop copying the white man’s way of life. In the western world women don’t care, a lot of them prefer being single all the rest of their lives. Some couples even don’t want to have children. They remove the woman’s womb so that they won’t have children.

In Nigeria if you get married and after two years you don’t have a child, you know what that means. You’ll be under much pressure. We’re different culturally and traditionally. Therefore, we should maintain our cultural heritage. So ladies, first help yourselves by changing for the better. God for spiritual counselling and advice. Look for a good church and begin to attend, and don’t go to wrong spiritualist who will have sex with you and promise you marriage to a wonderful man. It doesn’t work. Even if you get married, the marriage will not last.

•George wrote from Canada