Federer: I Am Not A Robocop


Roger Federer has  admitted  his mind wanders  when he is playing on court, just like it did in his  comfortable 6-3, 6-4 win over Spaniard Marcel Granollers in the second round of the Dubai Duty Free Tennis Championships Wednesday night. The top seed and World No. 2 was asked during his post-match press conference whether it sometimes is hard to remain 100 percent focused when he is headed towards a routine win.

“Sometimes [my concentration] wanders,” Federer said. “Sometimes if you have a song in your mind, sometimes you’re thinking of what’s going to happen tomorrow, what’s the plan for tonight. All those things happen. We’re human at the end of the day. We’re not a machine and go from like point to point like RoboCop.

“It’s like we have our fun, and sometimes it’s hard when the mind starts wandering. I realised today at one point I served the first point of one of the games and I was not even focused. I knew I was going to hit it down the T, but no, you know, not that full concentration I needed.  And then I told myself: Okay, concentrate, please. So sometimes you have to remind yourself, because time goes by in between. You want to keep the intensity high, but at the same time you want to relax. It’s a habit you get.

“By now obviously I’m an expert at it. I know how it works. But still, after playing so much tennis, I still have to remind myself to focus on each point, and then you break it down to each shot and so forth. So it sounds like it’s hard, but you get the hang of it.”

One reporter cheekily asked Federer if, during the match, he thought about what he would have for supper.

“Um, maybe.  I don’t know,” Federer said. “You think of many things.”

—Reported by ATPworld.com