Charly Boy Foundation Hits The Streets


If there is any name that is synonymous with Charly Boy, it is the streets. And in lieu of this, the maverick entertainer, Emeka Oputa, through his Charly Boy Foundation has come up with another initiative tagged: Empty the Streets Project, with the rider- One Punk at a time.


Speaking with Showbiz Trends on the latest project, Ronnie Dim, director, Charly Boy Foundation, said the project as its name implies was geared towards the eradication of social vices that could possibly be generated on the streets. “The streets have become hiding places for criminals who have devised different disparaging ways of survival,” Ronnie said.


According to her, those who live from hand to mouth erroneously initiate some criminal ideas thinking it can take them out of the cage of perpetual destitution.


“But this initiative will take these young people off the streets, re-orient, develop and empower them based on their abilities and adaptability to skills acquisition,” Dim added.


The programme, according to the organisers, is aimed at getting a minimum of 1,000 vulnerable youth off the streets and turning them into dynamic and causative members of the society annually. The beneficiaries will come from every part of the country and will form a corps of youths for positive purposes.
—Funsho Arogundade

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