Lagos Junior League: Organisers To Hold Seminar For Coaches


Technical Director of the  Lagos Junior League, Tunde Disu, has said that there will be a seminar for coaches in the first week of May.

Disu told P.M. Sports that the seminar will help update the coaches on the trend in modern football, saying that there are many coaches who are not knowledgeable about the rules governing the game.

“We are planning to organise a seminar for coaches because most of these coaches are not well trained. Some coaches don’t know the basic rules governing the game. I think  it is our duty to educate the coaches, especially those who will handle the teams in the Premier League next season,” he said

Disu said they will also organise seminar for the referees on June. This, he said, will will help the officials to improve on their officiating. The former Flying Eagles’ coach said he heard of the report that some  of the referees were not measure up at the just concluded first phase of the League. He, however, promised the participating teams to expect better officiating  next season.

Disu congratulated all the participating teams especially those that qualified for the Premier League. He said the Lagos Junior League was better organised.

—Sunday Akintoye

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