Man Sent To Kirikiri Over Street Sex


A 24 –year old man, Ebenezer Taiwo will be spending the next couple of months in Kirikri Prison, Apapa, Lagos State, Southwest Nigeria for having  sex at a street corner. He was caught having sex in a street in Mushin, a suburb of Lagos, with a 15–year old girl.

He pleaded guilty after he was charged before Mrs. E. Kubeinje of the Isolo Magistrate’s Court.

Ebenezer was caught by neighbours in the night at about 9.30 p.m. on 2, Sadiku Street, Mushin with Nura Eniafe, having sex.

He told the police that Nura was his girlfriend and that they decided to have sex on the street because they were pressed. He explained that he had no money to pay for a hotel room. Nura also confirmed that he was her boyfriend.

—Cyriacus Izuekwe