Why I Donated KidneyTo My Wife



Shakomended, an Afro/Hip-hop rising star did what some will describe as daring: donated his kidney to his ailing wife, Tomilayo Fakeye. The transplant, carried out at St. Nicholas Hospital, Lagos, was a success as both husband and wife are back on their feet, hale and hearty. The artiste, born Lanre Fakeye speaks with FUNSHO AROGUNDADE days after they were discharged from hospital, his experience.


How long has your wife been diagnosed with the condition?

She was diagnosed of End Stage Kidney Failure in February 2010 but I think she had glomerulanephritis from childhood, which was not detected until 2005 when it was discovered at LUTH that she had Step 2 chronic kidney failure. This according to Dr. E. L Bambgoye, Consultant Transplant Nephrologist at St. Nicholas Hospital, could be the reason why she had hypertension as a young person.


What was your reaction when you received the news of the diagnosis?

It was that of complete silence. I felt very devastated especially when she started crying. I had lost my mum 14 years earlier to hypertension and my dad exactly five days after my NYSC in 2005. All that was ringing in my heard was ‘not again”!


How many children do you have?

We have just one daughter.


What kind of a woman was she before the diagnosis?

She is naturally a very simple and quiet person. Very unassuming and because I’m more of an extrovert, her introversive nature balances mine.


Has it strained your relationship?

Not directly. There’s been an adjustment here and there in our normal pattern of life as I have to spend a lot of time in the hospital. The problem has brought us closer and I see this as an opportunity to serve. I’m a very philosophical person and can’t blame her for getting sick. I just know inside of me that God permitted this in my life in order to make me useful to mankind.


Has this affected your music career in any way?

That’s a very delicate question. If I say yes it’s like not appreciating everything God has done for me. Though I would wish for a stress free life but even this experience will give me the emotion needed to create great songs. In 2008, a video I shot with DJ Tee was nominated for the Nigerian Music Video Award and naturally I would’ve wanted the sequence to continue and not be delayed. Yet everything is to the glory of God. In that sense I will say no! The support I’ve gotten has been awesome. It’s now I know that givers truly never lack. A lot of journalists, artistes, friends, fans, Nigerians and family have shown me immerse love, and this is something money can’t buy. LTV gave us the Blue-Roof for the Tomi-Alive Benefit Concert, Z-mirage and Entertainment Network Konzult gave us multimedia, sound and lighting equipments, Live Beats and a lot more which I may not remember at the moment. All I can say is that God will reward them abundantly.


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