Rising Stars’ll Win Trophies In 2011


Ayo Oluwasanmi is the Chief Coach of  Rising Stars of Egbeda. He bares his mind about the vision of his club this year to  SUNDAY AKINTOYE

Sir, you have not won any laurel since the inception of your  club, what went wrong?
I am not really happy about that. We played many tournaments in the past but we usually  crashed out in the semi final stage.

Do you see the club winning trophies this year?
I am optimistic that the club will win trophies this year. My team are formidable and the players are committed to the club. Honestly, the Rising Stars are good for trophies this year. It will be a disappointment if we fail to win a trophy this year.

Which tournaments  do you think you can win trophies?
We are targeting Boska Cup and other high profile football competitions.

Do you think your team have what it takes to win Boska Cup, knowing full well that big clubs feature in Boska Cup every year?
It is a big challenge for us and my players are optimistic that they can overcome it. We want to surprise many clubs in the Boska Cup. I just recruited some  players and I believe they will bring glory to the club.

How are you preparing for the Boska Cup?
We have started preparing  since January. We have played series of friendlies in Lagos and I am quite impressed with the team’s performance.

Have the club recorded any achievement in the past?
We thank God that some of our players have travelled abroad to play professional football. Both Japhet Samuel Emeka and Adisa Lawrence are currently playing for AYL Sport Club of Maldives. The two players left the shore of this country late last year. I am happy that they are doing well in their respective clubs.

Tell us more about the club’s background?
The club was formed in 1996. I  started with 36 players, but today I can boast of 56 players in various categories.

Where do you see your club in nearest future?
I see my club playing in the professional  league. It is a dream of any coach to see his club play in the professional league.

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