Tinubu Is Awo Incarnate Of Our Time, Says Ademoye


As Nigerians at home and the diaspora recently celebrated the 102-year posthumous birthday anniversary of Chief Obafemi Awolowo, the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) leader, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, has been commended for holding aloft the progressive torch which the late sage and eminent statesman espoused and upheld throughout the turbulent but eventful span of his political career.

A chieftain of the party and member of Lagos State House of Assembly, Mr. Kunle Ademoye, who stated this, expressed that Awo would certainly be a happy man in his grave, solely for Tinubu’s laudable role in perpetuating his legacy.

Describing the South West as the traditional bastion of the progressive forces and a citadel of European civilisation, the lawmaker, who is Chairman, House Committee on Housing, wondered how Awo would have felt if the hitherto progressive region had been left at the mercy of the PDP hawks, with all the negativity they represent.

“Can you imagine what the political scenario in the nation would have been, particularly in the south west if not for Tinubu? Can you imagine the hell it would have been and can you imagine how colourless and dull too, without Asiwaju?” asked Ademoye, adding that but for the redeeming feature of Tinubu’s progressive politics, Awo would have been a sad man in his grave.

“His colossal stature is certainly not limited to the geopolitical landmass of Western Nigeria, but encompasses the entire Nigerian dimension. This is to say that Tinubu today stands as the arrowhead of the vanguard for progressive change in Nigeria. He is the embodiment of that idea, whose time has come. The idea of an egalitarian social order, founded on the noble values of justice, equity, freedom, liberty and fairness, which Awo, the revered sage, fought and toiled for over the years,” Ademoye noted.

According to him, if President Jonathan indeed loves this country, he should bestow on the ACN leader, the highest honour in the land for his immense patriotic role in the nation’s sociopolitical arena rather than a viciously orchestrated mudslinging and unstatesman-like dubbing of his progressive efforts as “rascality.”

The Ikorodu-born politician therefore urged Lagosians and, indeed, the generality of Nigerians, to reject the PDP, which, according to him, represents evil and the most vicious manifestation, at the polls, come April this year.

“Voting for the ACN is to vote for freedom and liberation from modern day slavery and oppression,” he stated further.

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