Useni Chides Wandering Politicians


The National Chairman of DPP, Gen. Jeremiah Useni, has chastised politicians who, he said “wander from one political party to another” in a desperate bid for power.

Useni made the admonition on Tuesday in Jos, during the commencement of retired Col. John Dungs’s campaign for the Plateau North Senatorial seat on DPP platform.

He described the wandering politicians as “insincere in their mission in politics,saying, “I will remain here (DPP) come rain, come shine.

“The DPP is a party for the future; we will nurture ourselves and grow to maturity.

“Some politicians have moved from one party to another and some are already in their fifth party.

“They are looking for what will benefit them and not service to the people.”

The National Chairman described DPP as a very democratic party where all its supporters were treated equally and without discrimination, unlike other parties where favouritism existed.

He said politicians, who were frustrated in a particular party, would usually leave for another group, but declared that no one would be frustrated in the DPP.

“We are very democratic in DPP. We do not cheat people here and everyone has a level playing ground to exercise his rights as a member.”

The National Chairman encouraged his party aspirants to go about electioneering with their spouses and described women as front runners in Nigeria’s contemporary politics.

Earlier, the Plateau DPP Chairman, Mr. Dauda Atang, said that the party was fielding 13 candidates for the House of Assembly, four in the House of Representatives and three for Senate.

Atang implored all the candidates in the April elections to ensure they submitted the names of their agents to the party for onward submission to INEC by March 14..

In his declaration, Dungs said he was aspiring to the Senate to render a selfless service to the people of the zone.

Dungs defected to DPP after he lost to incumbent, Sen. Gyang Dantong in the PDP primaries.