Cleric Rues Politics Of Bitterness


The media coordinator of the Assemblies of God, Nigeria, Lagos District, Rev. Godson Iroatu, has said that politics of bitterness will dent the image of Nigeria.

Iroatu said this while speaking with Political Platform during a press conference to mark the church’s media week held recently.

He said, “looking at the nation, we know the foundation of the politics of Nigeria. We know our own style of politics which is full of bitterness but I want to suggest that Nigerians should emulate a country like the USA were people practice politics of ideology.

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“I foresee Nigeria evolving to the level of politics of ideology because I can already see the signs that people are already coming up with such ideas in the governorship debate that we have seen so far.

“Though some are still holding on to the old and rude method of violence and politics of bitterness but I want to advice Nigerians, especially the politicians, to run away from all these vice because it would smear us. Other nations are agitating for democracy and Nigeria has enjoyed democracy for upward of 11 years now. I believe that this election will take us to another level,” he said.