Why I Offer Myself To Service


Hakeem Olomowewe, MD/CEO, Habitue Nigeria Limited, a telecommunications service company, is the Labour Party House of Assembly candidate for Mushin Constituency 01speaks with Political Platform on his mission in politics.

Why do you want to run for the Lagos State House of Assembly seat?
My constituency is Mushin 01, Odi-Olowo, where I grew up. While growing up, we enjoyed a lot of things. There was relatively peace in the area though Mushin is known for being volatile but it was not as bad as it is today where gang wars are fought on the streets.
Therefore, the issue of security is a great concern to me. If I can in my own way empower the people and re-orientate them, I can repeat same as their representative in the state House of Assembly. The issue of gangsterism and insecurity is due to joblessness among the youths.  If this can be corrected, it will go a long way in shaping the youths.
Therefore, I am contesting in order to correct some of the ills in the society and this we can achieve through poverty alleviation.

You spoke of gang wars in Mushin. How do you think this menace can be stopped?
The gangsters know themselves and what they are really fighting about is the control of territory. From my own perspective and from interaction with some of them, I have come to realise that their problem is joblessness. It is because of this that they will sit down in an area and start extorting money from the people.
For instance, when you buy a small generator, clipper and chair for somebody, such person can sit in front of his house and engage himself in barbing. If he is collecting N200 and ten people patronize him in a day, that translates to about N2,000 and that is enough to feed him, his wife and children.

Some people think these boys are being used by politicians who buy the guns they are using for them and also engage their services during elections?
Well, that I cannot say because I don’t know. But what I know for sure is that somebody who is gainfully employed will not involve himself in the act of gangsterism.

What are you looking for in politics?
Thank you. That is a very good question. In life, when you attain a level of comfort, you should be able to reach out to some people. A situation whereby you look at your surrounding and see people not being able to fend for themselves, I don’t want such a situation. I want a situation where people that have talent would be able to develop their talents and become somebody in life.

You were a former member of the ACN and now LP candidate for the state assembly, why did you ditch the ACN for LP?
Well, this is no news any more because everybody in Lagos already know what is happening. Because of selfish interest, the people that have the genuine mind to govern their people were denied the opportunity to do so.

Do you think you can realise your dream in your new party?
The party is very much on ground in Odi Olowo. In fact, it is on ground to the extent that it has created so much fear in the heart of other political parties in the state.
I will say we are very much on ground in all the nine wards and this has created a lot of fear for the opposition to the extent that they have started using hoodlums to chase our people around whenever they are having meetings but this is not going to deter us.