'My Hubby Beat Me After Court Summons'


Wife of a bus driver, Mrs. Kemi Oloyede, has told the Agege Grade ‘A’ Customary Court, Lagos, Southwest Nigeria, that her husband breached the court’s ruling when he continued beating her after he was warned not to beat her.

She explained to the court that Mr. Oloyede, after they met in court, continued beating her, adding that he was bringing members of Oodua People’s Congress, OPC, to break bottles on her head.

She said: “My husband brings in all sorts of friends I did not know before our marriage. These guys are the ones controlling my home. I want to divorce him because there is no rest of mind, no more love, and he poses threat to my life. Since he took another wife, he no longer looks at me.”

She alleged that he was in love with another woman and was no longer  interested in her, adding: “He has been looking for a way to drive me out of his house. I am fed up and I want the dissolution of our six-year old union.”

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The respondent denied the allegations. He said: “She took my car engine and sold it to aboki and even chased my sister out of the bathroom naked but I don’t want to divorce her. I still love her.”

The president of the court, Mr. E.B. Shukunle, adjourned the case till 29 March, 2011 for judgment.

—Ibrahim Bakare