Group Urges Voters To Make Right Choice


A group of professionals and intellectuals committed to democracy and service delivery to the electorate in Nigeria by elected representatives, Vote for Service Initiative (V4S), has called on voters to make the right choice in choosing  candidates that will serve them better regardless of party affiliations.

The leader of the group, Adeola Ilori made this known at Ifako Ijaiye Local Government Area where the group in collaboration with Peoples Forum organized a political debate for candidates vying for different positions in the area to present their manifestoes to the people.

He said the group was committed to bringing accountable and service-oriented personalities into governance, regardless of their political divides, noting that election in our nation has been characterized with people representing themselves and the party that nominated them.

Ilori noted that many elected representatives both at the national and local levels do not care about rendering service to the people but more concerned about how to please their party leaders and faithful with public money.

He observed that while the percentage of party members that voted for them is not more than 20 percent, the remaining  80 percent comes from the public with no party affiliations, yet these people do not enjoy dividends of democracy from the candidates representing them in terms of services promised.

“Some representatives become elusive after elections, while others become alienated from the electorate until the next elections,” he added.