ACN: Liberate Other Parts Of Nigeria


I lost touch with news recently, not because I chose to, but because the Power Holding Company of Nigeria, PHCN, has not been kind to us. They have seized light in the area I live for close to a month now and I was tired and embarrassed, trekking kilometres to newsstands and reading the same news about the same virus eating up our system, corruption and embezzlement of fund, inflation of contract, scam here and there, bringing the judiciary into disrepute, for instance  ‘Katsina-Alu vs Ayo Salami’ brickbats.

I also read about attempts by the PDP-led Federal Government trying to  intimidate and incarcerate our ‘Obong Tinubu.’ While the youth seem to bear the  corruption unleashed on them by the PDP leadership in the country, they are trying to harass Etubom Tinubu.

So, I will use this medium in telling whoever is the initiator of this evil plan to stop heating up the polity. Though they said that Nigeria cannot go the way of Egypt, Tunisia and Lybia, let’s not argue with them, but my only advice for them is to let the sleeping dog lie as the youths and millions of other Nigerians area ready to lay down their lives for him. This is not Abiola that was killed by the junta and nothing happened. The youths in Lagos and other parts of the country will rise against anyone that harms Tinubu.

So, you can see what kept me out of the news. I was not aware that the progressive, revolutionary was planning a campaign tour in my home state – Akwa Ibom – for the liberation of the people of that state, but a miracle happened, the PHCN obviously did not seize power for five hours on the day of the rally and I was able to watch the event. There was constant power supply which was very unusual of them and it was worthwhile.

The progressive party, Action Congress Party of Nigeria, the revolutionary train, was in my home state and it was televised live on Channels Television on 9 March, 2011. So I am thankful to God for letting  PHCN remember us that day and  I have forgiven them for denying us electricity supply for so long.

Now to the campaign, I watched the party bigwigs, starting from Obong Asiwaju Tinubu, the chairman of the great party, Chief Bisi Akande, the ACN presidential candidate, Mallam Nuhu Ribadu and a host of others on the podium. The Awo of our era Obong Tinubu was neatly dressed in our own traditional attire, looking radiant, vibrant and smart.

It was joy to me, even more joy to see the massive turn out. The huge crowd waved their broom to indicate that the good people of Akwa Ibom were ready to get out of the cage, bondage and also willing to sweep away kidnapping in a hitherto peaceful state.

The people of Akwa Ibom will be happy to witness the Lagos type of revolution to happen in their state, where free and compulsory education is not in question, where the schools are properly equipped with modern facilities, where all public schools are given a facelift, teachers and the pupils are provided with conducive classrooms to teach and learn not under the trees.

The progressive ACN promised to give the good people of Akwa Ibom State what rightly belongs to them, what democracy bestowed on them, not killing inside a church which even my Muslim friends condemn it totally. So, I urge my good people of Akwa Ibom State to vote for liberation, vote for freedom, vote to kick out violent in the state, vote ACN, vote Akpanuedehe, vote for them because they mean well for Nigeria and Akwa Ibom, vote because they mean business.

The zeal ACN showcased while campaigning in Lagos was the same zeal they showcased while campaigning in Uyo. So, the party being branded as a southwest party is the handy work of opposition. So, let’s embarrass the ruling PDP.

Now that the great statesman, Etubom Tinubu, and his revolutionary train have stormed Uyo, let’s open our arms wide and grab this opportunity so that good things happening in ACN states will also take place in Akwa Ibom State where we will be walking in the streets without any fear of being kidnapped, where the peaceful state will return to its old self, where our mother don’t have to walk naked and put on mourning black clothes to protest against kidnapping and cultism; something that was not known to us.

Let’s grab this once in a life time opportunity and change the face of Akwa Ibom State now that Etubom Tinubu and his revolutionary train are ready to break their back to improve the lot of the people not only in the south-west alone but in Nigeria as a whole. So, I urge every Nigerian to make good choice come 2011 general election. Youths, let’s rise and take charge. I’m also begging the people’s man, Tinubu, to rise and put more effort to delivering your fellow country people.

My 18th birthday is around the corner. I want it to be memorable in my life. So please, liberate us, the good people of Akwa Ibom State will be happy to name a child after you. Is that the only reward for him? My friend asked. Hmmmmm, I will instead reward myself, I will get his portrait and hang it on my wall.

•Asuquo Joseph wrote from Lagos.