Death For Corrupt Officials —ANPP


The Lagos State governorship candidate of the All Nigeria Peoples Party, ANPP, Dr. Yomi Tokoya has vowed that any corrupt official found guilty if he becomes governor of Lagos will be shot dead.

Tokoya spoke at the governorship debate organised by the Nigeria Union of Journalists, NUJ, for governorship candidate in Lagos held at the Lagos Television on Wednesday.

Tokoya’s statement elicited laughter from the audience.

He said there had been so much corruption in government and that if he becomes governor, he would initiate a law at the State House of Assembly to shoot anyone found guilty of corruption.

Also, even with the improved security in Lagos State , Tokoya said he would declare a state of emergency on security in Lagos, saying that “we need a revolution on security in the country.” “You can’t solve the problem of corruption in Lagos by supplying arms. It is through but industrial revolution that will create jobs. A hungry man is an angry man,” he said.

He lamented that the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP had destroyed the nation and should be voted out at all levels of government.

“The ruling party has destroyed this country. Unless PDP is voted out, Lagos and the entire country may not witness any development. PDP must be voted out at all cost to allow development,” he stated.

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On housing, Tokoya said he would encourage the use of local materials to build mass houses at cheaper and affordable rate by Lagosians, adding that three and four bedroom flats would be built in all Local Governments to benefit the masses.

Speaking, the candidate of the PDP, Dr. Ade Dosunmu alleged that the government of Babatunde Fashola had mismanaged public funds and believed that a PDP government in Lagos would do better to tackle insecurity. Fashola countered the allegation that his government inflated contracts by saying that the PDP government awarded a contract of N67 billion for a road contract, which would enter the Guiness Book of Records.

On insecurity, Fashola said it was tied to unemployment, saying that his government was already addressing the issue. He acknowledged the prevalence of insecurity and unemployment in the state, but blamed the ruling party, arguing that the crises of unemployment had been as result of unstable power supply, which he said, the ruling party “has not been able to put in place in the last twelve years it has been in power.

“The Federal Government under the PDP government has spent billions of dollars, which has not yielded much result. If the state government is allowed to make its own policies and implement it without inference, we will be able to create more jobs and address the state of insecurity,” he stated.

On housing, Dosunmu said government had no business with that except as a social intervention, saying that if elected, his administration would build 10, 000 flats within four years. He added that he would build eight new satellite towns to decongest Lagos State, saying that the last time this was done was during the administration of Alhaji Lateef Jakande.

As for Fashola, he said his administration had built 2, 000 houses which shall be given out on mortgage basis, stressing that “the problem of housing is not how to build them but how to finance them.”

—Kazeem Ugbodaga