Social Reformers Group Dumps Lagos PDP


Few days to the April general election, the Peoples Democratic Party in Lagos State may witness another crisis as a group within its fold, the Social Reformers Group has dumped the party.

Speaking with journalists in Lagos the leader of the Group, Otunba Adekunle Idowu Oshinoiki said few days ago he called a meeting of the leadership of the Group across the state and “when we discussed, we decided that the time has come for us to bid the PDP goodbye.

Oshinoiki said the decision of the Group to dump the PDP is not coming too late, “ because we don’t want to be used and dumped by any party.So whether we are going to work for another party is yet to be decided but we are out of the PDP.

His words: “Since we have been in PDP, we realised that as much as we tried to identify with the party, the system and style of administration are such that a caucus is formed which benefits from the party at the expense of the hard work and labour of people like our group.”

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“When it comes to sharing what you’ll call the dividends of democracy, you have a handful of people in the party that will corner what belongs to millions of people; and before you know it, they have collected the benefits that several people would have enjoyed.”

He said the group will continue to work relentlessly to build its structure and strenghten its philosophy ..

On who the group will support during the election, he said everybody in the party will decide who to vote for, because the election is too close and they were yet to agree to back any candidate or support a particular party at the election, “So I will say let me be silent on that,” he added.