City People Commiserates With Fire Victims


The management of City People magazine has apologised and commiserated with all our esteemed guests, sponsors and friends of the publication who attended the 14th City People Awards For Excellence held last Sunday, 27 March, 2011 at the Balmoral Hall during which fire broke out and razed the entire venue to ashes.

Seye Kehinde, the publisher/editor-in-chief of the magazine, in a statement today said: “We commiserate with all our VIPs and others in attendance.”

He also commiserated with all those who suffered huge losses as a result of the inferno.

“We feel for the owners of the complex, especially Ezekiel Adamu and his wife who stood by us on that day. We cannot begin to quantify his losses. The only thing we are happy about is that there was no loss of life,” he said, assuring that the awards ceremony will now take place on Sunday, 1 May.