Okada Rider Arrested For Threatening Cleric With Thugs


The police in Lagos State, Southwest Nigeria, have arrested an Okada rider named Akeem Babaruka over alleged adultery.

The arrest of Akeem Babaruka followed a complaint lodged at the area ‘G’ police command by Alhaji Jimoh Olomowewe that Akeem Babaruka is dating his wife and that on several occasions, he has caught him with his wife.

Alhaji Olomowewe said that when he warned Akeem Babaruka to leave his wife alone he refused and rather than leave his wife, he brought area boys to his house to fight him. He said that he escaped before the arrival of Akeem and his gang.

Akeem Babaruka, however, denied going to Alhaji Jimoh’s house with thugs as alleged but said he only went to Alhaji Jimoh to tell him that he has left his wife that he no longer goes out with her.

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Olomowewe also told the police that Akeem Babaruka  threatens him with the dreaded Odua Peoples Congress, OPC, whenever he tells him to leave his wife alone.

Akeem was, however released on bail after the intervention of some Muslim clerics who prevailed on Alhaji Jimoh not to allow the case to go to court.

The police asked Akeem to write an undertaking not to go near Alhaji Jimoh’s wife henceforth, which he did.

—Yusuf Mohammed