Why Fashola Will Win By A Landslide


The the governorship election in Lagos State is just two weeks away from now. The big question is: what are the options before Lagosians? From all indications, everybody knows where the pendulum will swing to. And that is the re-election of BRF – Babatunde Raji Fashola (SAN).

The choice is therefore before Lagos residents as the survey shows that Fashola will win the election by a landslide election. Lagosians are no pushovers. They cannot be deceived. They are not blind. They have realised that giving Fashola another four -year term will transform the state into another Dubai.

A new Lagos with modern infrastructure, good roads, finer environment, good hospitals stocked with equipment and potable water and good learning environment is guaranteed.

Lagos under BRF has become the envy of all. It is a reference point for foreigners and even those who know what governance is.

Governor Fashola under four years has made us to believe that Lagos can work and it is working. Go to Oshodi and see the difference. Traffic flows easily there now. Is it Mile 2 or Mile 12 that has not been transformed?. People now obey traffic lights because of the fear of LASTMA

Many roads have been rehabilitated. New ones have been constructed and commissioned. The Lagos-Badagry Expressway expansion to Seme will be a masterpiece when completed. Work is at an advanced stage. More roads are under construction.

Water flows thus reducing epidemic in the metropolis. Healthcare especially for the indigenes have been given top priority. In the area of transportation the Bus Rapid Mass Transit (BRT) is a success story which he will build upon in his second term.

The Lagos environment and landcape is now serene with parks for relaxation. The greenery is there for all to see.

Fashola is going to turn the Lekki free trade zone into an international emporium, with employment opportunities for our people.

These are the giant strides Fashola hasaccomplished in just four years. Come to think of it, are there other contestants in Lagos State? We are not hearing about them. The Niger State Governor, Babangida Aliyu recently said that PDP should forget about Lagos because of the massive progress made by Fashola. Truth is bitter but it must be told.

Dr. Ade Dosunmu of PDP is no match for Fashola. ACN is waxing strong. Fashola’s desire to change Eko will be complete in his second term. The man means well for Lagos.

Lagos with its cosmopolitan nature, and having a population of about 15 million only needs a man like Fashola to take it to greater heights.

Lagosians of all calling, tribes, religion know that he is the best man for the job. He has been tested and proved to be the best amongst the 36 states governors in the federation.

Most of his policies are being copied now by other states. Lagosians, my advice is that you should shine your eyes, vote wisely and for the right man, and that is BRF. Lagos cannot afford to fall into the hands of mediocres, charlatans.

Lagosians should resist rigging and vote with their conscience for the person who has started the massive development of the state. There should be continuity in a peaceful Lagos where security is even more guaranteed now than Abuja. Eko ni baje.


•Charles Afe Ikhaghe is a Public Commentator and Author of “The Fashola Revolution”.