'Come Out And Vote'


In view of the recent state of our Nation’s elections proceeds, as the President Association of Nigerian Students, I call on every Student, Student Ambassadors, Student Sabbaticals and Alumni Members in Nigeria to come out and vote and also encourage fellow Nigerians to do same. We should emplace on ourselves a duty to persuade at least one citizen each to exercise their rights to vote fairly.


After a recent visit call to the Lord Mayor’s office in Coventry University, and discussing about the forth coming elections in Coventry City Council of West Midlands scheduled for the 5th of May 2011, I called for all students and alumni members of ANSCU to vote and do so wisely, as our vote is our voice, remembering Mr. President’s recent speech.


President Goodluck Jonathan in his recent statement concerning the rescheduling of our country’s general elections had urged citizens to ensure a peaceful vote when the polls open again on April 9, hence, I have created an independent team of electoral observers all over the country from Coventry University Students on Eater break at home and Members of the Coventry University Alumni Association in Nigeria.

“No one’s political ambition is worth the blood of any Nigerian,” Jonathan said in a national broadcast on the 7th of April.

Although the Independent National Electoral Commission claimed to have postponed national legislative elections a few hours after voting centers opened on April 2, with flimsy excuses such as; it wasn’t able to deliver voting materials to all the 120,000 polling booths across Africa’s most populous country, I think the statement of Mr. President is of doubt highly imperative and is tantamount to a statement produced from a clear and constructive mind. INEC had hence since stated under the revised schedule released a few days ago, that the national legislative vote will now take place on April 9, followed by the presidential election on April 16 and state governorship elections on April 26.


My team of independent observers are lead by a female [Student Rep.] and a male [Alumni Rep.] co-ordinators who have been trained to observe without any bias and report the proceeds of the elections in various places as our contribution from students in diaspora.


I call on my fellow Youths and Nigerians to VOTE and do so wisely!


—Deinsam Dan Ogan, President, Association of Nigerian Students Coventry University [ANSCU], West Midlands, Great Britain


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