Hyundai's Bold New Style


Hyundai has been busy on the concept car front lately and its latest showpiece is the Blue2, unveiled at the Seoul Motor Show.

Beneath the skin is Hyundai’s latest hydrogen fuel cell propulsion system, which delivers a stack power of 90kW in this application. On the design front, the Blue2 “shows a blueprint for future sedans” its ‘Intersected Flow’ design language being likely to replace the current ‘fluidic sculpture’ philosophy.

An interesting addition is the LED screen panels at the front and rear of the car, which can display unique and futuristic images. More useful than that, perhaps, is the ‘welcome system’ which is able to recognise its driver as he or she approaches the vehicle and then automatically opens the door.

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Inside, Hyundai combined the cluster and centre fascia, applying an advanced Transparent Organic Light Emitting Diode monitor and ultra-light tempered glass, (dubbed Gorilla Glass) to provide more accurate and vivid graphic information.

The infotainment system is operated by a Motion Sensor Moustick, a haptic wheel and motion sensor that respond to the driver’s touch and hand movements, respectively.

This car even controls the air its occupants breathe, with a cluster ionizer that freshens the air inside, while antibacterial genuine leather with leaf-shaped patterns, aims to enhance the eco-friendly look and feel.

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