'My Vision For Ikeja Constituency'


The African Liberation Party, ALP, Lagos State House of Assembly candidate for Ikeja I Constituency, Engr. Temitope Martins, has unveiled his vision for the constituency ahead of the 26 April elections.

He said his vision was to strengthen government administration in Lagos by enacting laws which would facilitate judicious allocation of resources and personnel to stimulate efficient and effective governance for the benefit of the constituency.

According to him, he would focus on education by upgrading the infrastructure and enhancing the remuneration and working conditions of teachers.

He said he would challenge the legislation that allowed for multiple taxation and enhance greater disposable income for small and medium business owners as well as enhance greater co-operation and support between Lagos State and the Nigeria Police and other security agencies in order to safeguard lives and property.

Martins, at a news conference held at the secretariat of the Nigeria Union of Journalists, NUJ, Lagos State Council, Ikeja on Wednesday, added that he would champion the need for affordable housing and the creation of accessible mortgage facilities for Lagosians.

“We will ensure improved conditions of service for state medical personnel and enhanced medical services for Lagosians.  We will encourage proper disposal of waste and recycling of non-biodegradable waste for wealth and job creation,” he stated.

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He said the opportunity to truly interact with the people of Ikeja was provided through his training at multinational company, stressing that “I understood the extent of the lack of disposable income for the small and medium business owners.

“It is grieving when people give so much and yet they do not get the same measure in return.  This has created a divide that is getting wider as the day goes by between the haves and the have-not, between those who can feed comfortably and those who cannot, among others.”

This is in part traceable to the aggressive revenue drive of the present administration which is furthering the divide the more.  With all this, it is deducible that the problem with Ikeja I Constituency is representation.

“This is why, having considered all odds, I am presenting myself for service in the Lagos State House of Assembly to give voice to the voiceless; adequate representation to the ill-represented and be the voice of reason in the midst of governance so that the government can truly be of the people, for the people,” he added.

Martins said he had been going from house to house in the constituency in the last three weeks to tell the people what he has for them and the need for them to cast their votes for him for proper and adequate representation at the House of Assembly.

—Kazeem Ugbodaga

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