It Is Super Tuesday For Governor Fashola


“Watching the performance of Governor Babatunde Fashola from afar, I have come to the conclusion that he is the best of the lot. The Lagos State Government impresses me with clear understanding of real development and its correct application. Such rare public servant must be encouraged. Former Lagos State Governor Bola Ahmed Tinubu deserves credit for identifying Governor Fashola” – Col. Abubakar Umar (rtd) Ex-military Gov. Kaduna State


“A clean city is a just city. We cannot politicise the issue of environment at all. We can see that Lagos is becoming neater and neater. Lagos has got it right” -Oyo State Commissioner of Environment Alhaji Mukaila Aborode.


Tuesday, April 26 2011 is Super Tuesday for His Excellency Governor Fashola of Lagos State Nigeria simply because Lagosians are set to give four to Five million votes to the beacon of hope for a job well done. It is going to be a Super Tuesday for the man of the moment because it is a date set aside to reward Governor Fashola for redefining leadership in Nigeria and showing the way forward for a country that has all it takes to be a great nation but bogged down by irresponsible and rudderless leadership.


It is a unique date set aside to reward excellence, superlative performance and exemplary leadership that has been the hallmark of Governor Fashola’s administration in Lagos. It is Super Tuesday for Fashola in Lagos come April 26 2011 because the man has become not only a beacon of hope for Lagos and Nigeria but a transformational and visionary leader the world is very proud of.


It is going to be Super Tuesday for the miracle worker of Lagos State who has through dint of hard work and discipline rubbished former President Obasanjo’s claim that Lagos is a junk yard by transforming Lagos to a modern city. Governor Fashola deserves to be honour with five million votes on Super Tuesday because he has brought honour, dignity, fame, respect and hope to Nigeria, a country that is lying prostrate in the age of success.


Lagos, a city that has been written off by Nigeria’s clueless and worthless leaders as a failed city is now rubbing shoulders with great cities in the world simply because of a committed leadership. In the past 12 years, Lagos has come a long way. Through effective and committed leadership, both His Excellences Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu and Babatunde Raji Fashola have made Lagos a destination in Africa and the world.


While the federal government led by PDP has been fumbling and wobbling, Lagos has shown class, sophistication and excellence in all its ramifications in handling the problems facing Lagos. To all intents and purposes, Lagos has set leadership benchmarks and standards for all to copy in Nigeria. Now as we go to re-elect Governor Fashola on Super Tuesday, I urge you, Lagosians to know that this is time to reward those that have done excellently well. In the past four years, Governor Fashola has shown that he is a Governor to beat in Nigeria.


Almost 6.5 million votes are up for grabs in Lagos and we want Governor Fashola to get 95% of the votes since he has no serious contender in Lagos.


There are ten (10) good reasons why Governor Fashola should get an unprecedented number of votes in Lagos, more than any candidate in the 36 States of Nigeria: 1. Governor Fashola has shown that Nigeria is not a hopeless and a basket case when it comes to the issue of leadership. Fashola has proved that there are leaders in Nigeria. All we need to do is to search and fish them out.


2. Fashola has been celebrated by all and sundry in Nigeria because he is determined, dedicated, decisive, dependable, disciplined, committed, intelligent, sound, tested and trusted. Even PDP leaders including Governors, Ministers, and Commissioners praise him to high heavens.


3. Governor Fashola has taught other Governors and even the Presidency that power goes with responsibility. He has shown other governors how to govern.


4. Governor Fashola has made Lagos the most secured State in Nigeria. He has shown Nigerian leaders that a good leader must work with critical stakeholders to get things done for the good of the common wealth.


5. Governor Fashola has succeeded in making Lagos the cleanest state in Nigeria.

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6. He has successfully created jobs for street urchins and miscreants in Lagos. All those people you see today tending the flowers under the bridges and parks are the boys that were terrorising us and snatching our phones before. They have even killed so many people before now.


7. Governor Fashola is opening up Lagos through investment in massive road construction. From Lagos-Badagry, to Ogunlana Drive, Adeniran Ogunsanya, Ajana Street, Idi-Araba-Ilasa, Akerele, Okota Bridge etc. Anytime a brand new road passes through your house the value of the property goes up. That is how government puts money in your pocket.


8. Massive renovation of schools have been going on in the past four years and it is better for our children. Remember that as non indigenes, we do not pay discriminatory fees unlike other States in Nigeria.


9. Governor Fashola sees Lagos as a state for all Nigerians. He does not discriminate. He builds Lagos for all Nigerians irrespective of tribe, tongue, religion or culture. He is a detribalised Nigerian. He recognizes the strength of the Igbo in Lagos. Ben Akabueze is serving as a Commissioner for Economic Planning & Budget, a very sensitive position in Lagos. I am here serving in two capacities as a General Manager of an Agency and the Publicity Secretary of our great Party in Lagos, the Action Congress of Nigeria.


There are also many of our people serving in various capacities in the state and at the local government levels. Some are serving in some boards in the state.

10. Governor Fashola is rebuilding markets in Lagos to international standards as seen in advanced countries in the world. You know our people control almost all the markets. You need to see the new Tejuosho Market. I can go on and on but time will fail me.


After the Presidential elections on Saturday 16 April 2011 some nitwits in PDP Lagos have been dreaming and hallucinating that Lagosians voted for PDP in Lagos and South West simply because Goodluck Ebele Jonathan won the election. This is political harlotry and at best criminal. For how can anybody in his wildest imagination think that anybody can ride on the back of President Jonathan to power in Lagos? Oh my God, these people do not know when the train left the station. Tell me: where is Ade Dosunmu’s credentials? Where are his antecedents? Where are his track records? Where are his plans?


My take is that Lagos is too big for Ade Dosunmu. He cannot fit in judging from his past records. He was the CEO of NIMASA for 3 years and he could not buy a generator for the multi-million agency. He was renting generator for 3 years at N150, 000 per day.


John Asuquo once said that “every political office holder in Nigeria including those at the federal and local government levels should come to Lagos for a two week crash programme on leadership and change under the guidance of Governor Fashola”.


Now what else can I say? Ade Dosunmu’s PDP has through corrupt and inept leadership frittered away the huge opportunities that could have transformed our country for the better in the past 12 years, and Lagosians are not prepared to gamble with Lagos.


A school of thought says “If you are ruled by a purposeless leader you become dysfunctional and accept least as the best”. You cannot give what you do not have, this PDP government lacks plenty and cannot offer anything.


Governor Fashola is the owner of the day come Super Tuesday, April 26 2011.

-Igbokwe wrote from Lagos.


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