The Woman’s Private Part: Readers’ Comments, Questions




Dear Amara,

I read your write up on 12 April and really need your help urgently. I have been itching after having sex two days ago. I stay in school and engage in sex only when I am back from school. I also have vaginal discharge and it has been a source of worry to me.


Dear Seun,

Itching and burning after sex are two major symptoms of yeast infection also known as candidiasis. I would advise you use any of the over-the-counter antifungal creams. Visit a doctor if it persists. Your partner should also go for a medical check up to be sure he is free from Trichomoniasis, a single-celled parasite living in some men and which causes itching and yellow-green vaginal discharge. Women can sometimes be allergic to semen, although this varies, depending on the particular proteins contained in the seminal fluid of your partner.



What is the actual cause of vaginal odour? I love my girlfriend and she enjoys me sucking her, but she stinks. What do I do to help her?


Dear Tope,

Your woman should learn to wash properly, using the right products. She should also cut down on spicy foods and avoid using perfumed soaps and deodorants around her vagina. The use of public toilet should be reduced if not totally avoided. Advise her to visit her doctor if it persists.


Dear Amara,

I read your article, The Woman’s Private Part. It is very vital that a woman takes care of her private part to pave the way for good sex life. One particular point you raised in your article which interests me most is the issue of night bath for the women folk. I have a wife who claimed to be too busy and tired to have a night bath. I have told her, without mincing words, that henceforth, all sexual activities with her come to a halt until she changes. I just can’t stand vaginal odour and this is driving me crazy. In fact, I am taking the paper home and must ensure she reads this coming from a fellow woman


Dear Reader,

This is not new to me because even our celebrities are guilty of this offence. It is really sad that a normal woman could hate her body so much that taking a night bath becomes a problem. Go on talking to her and with all love, make her see reasons. Shouting doesn’t solve problems, please, find the right time to talk to her and also get her some exciting books on women’s health. You can indirectly pass your message across just by buying her some sexy night wears and insisting she wears them for you. I believe she will do everything to look sexy for you including taking a night bath.


Dear Amara,

Does vaginal hygiene include having a clean shave, removing every hair on your private area?
Dear Reader,

You can have a clean shave and still be very dirty. There are two things every reasonable woman must consider when it comes to shaving of pubic hairs; you must find out what your man wants and also what your skin wants. That your best friend’s husband likes a clean shave doesn’t mean your own man will appreciate that. Please, endeavour to find out how he wants your pubic hair and give it to him. Your skin may sometimes say something different; there are people whose skins react when all hairs are off. If you want your hairs, please make sure they are neatly trimmed and attractive.


Dear Amara,

I have just one child and my vagina is too wide. What can I do to make it tight?


Dear Kemi,

I believe you asked this question because you read my last article. I would advise you go through it again for a better understanding of the Kegel exercise. Also watch your sitting position as this, to an extent, affects your vaginal muscles. Avoid sitting on surfaces that are too soft all the time. I also want to believe that as a married woman, you have just one sex partner as the entrance of different sizes of penis into your vagina adds to the problem.


Dear Amara,

What are the ideal things a man can do to make her feel loved and appreciated?


Dear Reader,

I am really proud of you for trying to learn new things about your woman. There is nothing a woman craves for more than appreciation and true love. Always leave her ears full of sweet words from you. Never allow your woman leave the house without hearing those beautiful words. Also, show her how much you care by spending on her. Loves gives and if you say you love her, give.


Dear Amara,

This piece is thought provoking. It takes a real woman to deal with this topic the way you have done. Those days as a bachelor, I was introduced to this pretty and well educated babe. We tried out for two months, but I had to take the exit door based on this same issue—vaginal odour. I recommend this piece to all female to read and be informed


Dear Kris,

Thank you very much for appreciating what I do. I always receive text messages from ladies about their crashed relationships due to this very problem. It is one problem that torments even the educated ones as they are ignorant when it comes to vaginal hygiene. I believe with articles like that, a lot of changes will take place.


Dear Amara,

Thank you for this article. I lost interest in sex after the birth of my second baby. What is the way out? —Julie

Dear Julie,

Children are supposed to bring joy into homes, but now we allow that bundle of joy to tear us apart. You are not alone in this as so many couples lose the bonding they once shared once a baby is born. Our culture hasn’t also helped as a woman is advised to stay in a different room with her baby and not to have anything with the man until three months after birth. This is absolutely wrong and should be discouraged. If you are fit and healthy after childbirth, what stops you from resuming sex as soon as you can? Try not to allow the entrance of the baby steal your attention from your husband. Also, note that certain changes occur in the body of a woman from pregnancy to delivery. Exercise helps a lot in regaining your look and health, don’t make the mistake of allowing your man to begin to see you as just a mother and wife; he should go on seeing you as his lover. You can take time out and spend some time with your spouse in a very good hotel or resort, free from every household stress—just the two of you. This will bring the spark back into your relationship.


Hello Amara,

Thank you for making yourself available for God to use you in educating the women on vaginal hygiene. It is a turn-off for me any day and it is one problem that can break a good relationship



Dear Amara,

This is very timely for all of us as women and I am very conscious of this fact. Could you please be more specific on the issue of milk, yoghurt and spicy foods? Personally, I like yoghurt more than milk. Your research, views and solutions are strongly taken. Thank you


My Dear Rewards,

I am so happy to read from a woman like you. I am proud of you. Yes, I am going to be specific here on the issue of milk, yoghurt and spicy foods. A lady once came to me with a problem of low energy. She was using the wrong machines in a gym and placed on a wrong diet by a dietician who told her to abstain from milk. When she came to me, I told her to go on with her milk and it took her just a week to regain her lost energy. Every woman needs a certain amount of milk on a daily basis. A glass of skimmed milk is recommended. Avoid full cream milk as it is high in cholesterol. For powdered skimmed milk, I prefer Marvel. Yoghurt is better taken plain and in its natural form instead of flavoured. It is better to prepare your own meal to be sure of the contents.


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