We are not interested in Government of National Unity -ACN


The Action Congress of Nigeria, ACN, has said it is not interested in the so-called Government of National Unity (GNU) being planned by the PDP-led Federal Government, saying it is satisfied with its role as the leader of opposition and a government-in-waiting.

In a statement issued in Abuja on Wednesday by its National Publicity Secretary, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, the party said this clarification should dispel the rumours that the ACN has been contacted and that it is in negotiations for a share of ministerial appointments.

”Our stand against the so-called Government of National Unity is that it stifles democracy by compromising virile opposition which is a key ingredient of a vibrant democracy, thereby encouraging the emergence of a one-party state. It also stunts development and promotes complacency.

“We hope this clarification will silence those who have been peddling the lies that our party sold out to the PDP during the presidential election,”it said.

The party warned that any member of the ACN who is interested in the GNU should first quit the party, and also reminded state chairmen of the party to guard their utterances and clear with the national executive committee before commenting on issues such as the GNU.

”No member, at any level of the party, should trade with our name. State Chairmen should comment only on issueswithin their areas of authority and stop committing the party on issues that are only within the purview of the National Executive committee of the party.

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”We know that this is the ripe season for ‘food is ready’ politicians, who are ready to sell their birth right, if necessary, to join any government in power. But as we have always said, we are not willing to compromise our ideals just because we want to share in the spoils of office.

”If we did not compromise when we had just one state, why should we do so now that we have grown to six states,with the possibility of growing further when we challenge in court those who stole our mandates? Therefore, any member who wishes to work with a PDP government should get out of our party today,” it said.

ACN said the era of the party’s executives paying ‘courtesy’ visits to governments of the ruling party in their states is long gone, and that any party member, no matter how highly placed, who tries to trade with the name of the ACN would be sanctioned accordingly.

Meanwhile, the party has said that the state chairman of the ACN in Akwa Ibom, Aniekan Akpan, stands suspended from the party and can, therefore, no longer speak for the party.

”We hope media organisations in particular will take note of this and desist from taking whatever Akpan says as representing the opinion of our party,” ACN said.

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