Elections Signal Political Stability About Nigeria, Says Fashola


Lagos State Governor, Mr Babatunde Fashola (SAN) on Friday returned from the World Economic Forum in South Africa, saying there has been a general bounce back about confidence in Nigeria as a nation especially in the aftermath of the nation’s just concluded general elections.


Governor Fashola who spoke in an interview with Airport Correspondents at the Presidential Lounge of the Murtala Mohammed Airport Ikeja on his return said one of the issues tackled at a meeting during the Forum was developmental challenges of urbanisation and housing.


The Governor explained that clearly it was a meeting of political leaders and business leaders not only from Africa but several countries across the world on the possibilities and prospects for several possibilities and Lagos being Africa’s big market was well represented.


Responding to a question of any commitment from private sector players in partnering in areas of funding in addressing the challenges highlighted, the Governor said such commitment does not come easily but has to be negotiated under explained conditions.

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“What was the take away from there was the excitement about the possibility for this country. There is a general bounce back about confidence for Nigeria especially in the aftermath of the elections.


“As I said during the elections, that if we get it right, it was a message of political stability. I guess the message about political stability has gone out and the response from the international community especially with my presence, there was a lot of excitement about Lagos”, the Governor added.


He said the meeting also discussed the possibility for the protection of the Nollywood industry and potentials for job creation as it affects Nigeria and Africa and how it can be a possible voice for Africa to showcase herself given the rich and extensive coverage that the industry has.

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