A 39-year man, Luka Audu was caught Saturday, May 7 at Ungwar Pama, Kaduna after being accused of alleged disappearance of a 17-year old teenager’s penis.

Luka Audu, the man accused of alleged Penis disappearance.

The boy told P.M.NEWS that he raised alarm that his penis had disappeared after the suspect, Audu shook him around 8.30a.m. today.


The boy whose mother refused that his name be mentioned was immediately taken to Faith Clinic to be tested while Audu was detained and asked to return it or risk being killed.


The mother told P.M.NEWS that she took him to the hospital to confirm whether or not her son’s penis is still functioning.


According to her, he didn’t respond effectively after the injection. And so she insisted the suspect must return the penis.


Narrating to P.M.NEWS, Audu the suspect said he came into Ungwar Pama from Narayi to see a friend . But he couldn’t locate the house, so he decided to ask the boy who directed him.


Audu further narrated in Hausa language: “I only shook the boy’s hand to thank him and nothing more.And I was leaving for the described place when I heard ‘thief, thief’ and before I turned some boys started beating me.”


He explained that the boys insisted he was responsible for the disappearance of the boy’s penis and so he must returned it or get killed.


When P.M.NEWS asked him to return it if truly it has been confirmed that something is wrong with the boy’s penis, Audu simply said: “I swear, I don’t know anything about it.”


It took the intervention of P.M.NEWS reporter and some elders in the area before the suspect was handed over to the police.


The police appealed to the angry youth who threatened to kill the Kebbi State-born suspect and gave assurance that the allegation of penis disappearance would be properly investigated.
By Femi Adi/Kaduna