Group Condemns Increase In Fees


The Education Rights Campaign (ERC) has condemned the Anambra State government and the management of Anambra State University (ANSA) for increasing the institution’s fees from N36,000 to N86,000 for non medical students and N120,000 for medical students.

It described the increment as unjustifiable and anti-people.

The organisation said this action will force some students out of school.

According to the ERC, “there is no reason to increase fees in a country where workers and parents earn poverty wages and many are losing jobs by the day; considering also the rising cost of living and inflation.

“In fact, what we should be working towards across the federation is to expand and upgrade the current state of facilities in schools and also build new schools with basic facilities and well trained workers to guarantee meaningful learning.

“At present, less than 10 percent of applicants get admission to the universities as a result of limited facilities. Now, those admitted will lose their admission because they cannot pay the new fee.”

The organisation also commended the students for the peaceful rally held to express their grievance.

“We encourage the students to organise more peaceful protests, demonstrations, lecture boycotts and other means available to draw attention to their plights,” it added.

—Oluwatunmise Ige


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