Mercedes Benz Leads In Social Media Blitz


Westar Associates, authorized distributor of Mercedes Benz, Nigeria, says it is taking the lead in social media. In an electronic mail sent to P.M.Motoring, the firm said it’s Facebook and Twitter sites are already the most active in the automotive world in the country.

Mirko Plath, Managing director, Westar Associates said: “I am excited to introduce you to our new Facebook and Twitter sites. Doing so, we are strengthening the conversation between us, our customers and fans from Mercedes Benz in Nigeria,”

The Nigerian Facebook and Twitter sites of the brand in Nigeria have daily updates on world and local news, as well as links relevant to Mercedes Benz world and lifestyle.

Other featured posts are not only connected to passenger cars from Stuttgart, but also to Mercedes Benz trucks and buses in the commercial vehicles segment.

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Mercedes Benz Nigeria is embracing the web 2.0 which is a great way to dialogue with the line community where the people play the most important role. Therefore, the social media sites are a great place to exchange ideas, comments, feedback as well as advises for other fans and followers not only for the brand related but reflecting the automotive experience in Nigeria.

Similarly, the global brand, according to Mirko Plath has maintained a constant presence on the Internet. Behind it lies the Diamler and Web 2.0 strategy. The global Mercedes Benz Facebook page is now hosting over three million fans from all parts of the world.

“Having such a successful role model in the family, Westar felt it is necessary to bring this innovative way to today’s communication to where all of us actually live, work and drive.”

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